Bags of Creation: The Artist’s Impression


The workshops were full on both days. We were definitely at capacity – the energy was high and lots of the women shared their skills with others including the artists.

Two artists worked directly on the bags and the audio artist worked round that.  It was a very busy and successful day.  It was clear that the women were really proud of their bags and successful in terms of engagement with women whilst we were all working away.

I collected lost of anecdotal information whilst working with the women about their lives and their stories – how they come to Trafford/St Johns, their family lives and their aspirations. For example:

“My dream is to make beautiful things with lots of colour and things that sparkle – clothes, cakes and jewellery. 
I want to learn how to make shoes and warm things for women to wear in the winter.  I want to have a shop with a colourful doorway so that people can see it when it rains and it cheers them up.
I want to drive – my husband says he will teach me but I think we will argue so I wont to go to driving school.  It will help the family and give me something I want.”
“My dream is to fly kites”
“A dream? What I want is to dance and sing with other women and to teach my daughter to be strong.” [Read more…]